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April 21, 2012

Something,. Improved...

How do I start this, I'm still so amazed, in awe.  This was beyond anything I had truly expected, beyond anything I could have ever predicted.  And I was there, at the start of something so... breathtaking, oh this is the start of something incredible my friends, take note of where you are, because this changes everything.  I should start at the beginning, no point in spoiling such an incredible surprise without the proper buildup, is there?

It should not be an enormous surprise that I've had more than one of my midnight talks with the Slender Man and Phillip on the nature reserve.  But tonight was different.  It started out the same as it has so many times before, I arrived after Phillip, and then without warning he appeared before us, taller than ever before, looming over our heads with the sliver of the moon illuminating the tree behind him ever so faintly.  Phillip knelt as he always does, he was dirty and weary, having not left the woods in over a week now.  Yet still, as he knelt a sense of calm drew over his face, he knew this was where he belonged, and soon, so would I.  The air that had been warm and humid just moments before was now cold and dry, but completely still.  It was as though the elements themselves had calmed themselves, completely ceased there activity in honor of what was taking place.  I stood, as I always have, a few feet behind Phillip: watching, waiting, and learning.

The first hint that something was going to be different happened when He moved.  The Slender Man took two steps forward and placed a single hand on his shoulder and looked down at Phillip, and in return Phillip stared up into the eyeless face of something so much greater than any of us.  He has been speaking to me less and less, and more and more quietly, to the point where I barely hear him at all when he does choose to speak, but when The Slender Man snapped his head up to look at me I knew he was instructing me with one simple task.


And that's when it all began.  The Slender Man seemed to grow even taller and the tentacles began to pour out of his back, pulsing and writhing.  They grew and multiplied until I could barely even see Him, just a pale face and a hand on Phillip's shoulder, surround by a mass of moving shifting blackness.  Without warning one of the tentacles shot through his chest.  I expected him to start bleeding from the wound, but instead a black oily substance began flowing from the hole.  The appendage withdrew and I could see straight through Phillip's back.  But that wasn't the end of it, The Slender Man had barely begun.  A thinner tentacle snaked it's way around over the same shoulder that the Slender Man was still holding on to, across Phillip's back, over his neck, and up his check.  It seemed to stay there for a moment, almost as if it was comforting Phillip.  Then his neck snapped.

I could now see Phillips face, and as I watched more and more tentacles can forward and washed over his body, mapping themselves across him like veins.  Then they all began pulsing, drawing from him all that was human, Phillip began convulsing and writhing, his mind was already dead, but his body still tried to reject what was happening.  Tears of blood began streaming from his eyes as they grew cloudy and yellow, losing any resemblance to human eyes.  The color drained from his skin until it was a uniform white, and then it started getting darker.  Splotches of black and grey appeared across his face and arms, quickly dissipating and spreading across the rest of his skin in veins.  And still He wasn't finished, more and more tentacles came and surrounded Phillip, consuming him until I could see nothing else.

Eventually the tentacles started pulling back, The Slender Man recalling them as he returned to his original form.  Soon He was just a man in a suit again, standing with His hand on Phillips shoulder.  But it wasn't Phillip anymore, all that was Phillip was gone.  What remained was beyond human, All the fat and waste had been replaced with lean muscle, the eyes had been completely changed, removed of the iris and pupil, no more windows necessary, it was a body that housed no soul.  And the skin, what was once soft and malleable was now hard as stone, yet somehow, still flexible to allow movement.  The color was gone, replaced by a dark grey, literally glowing with power.  In an instant it was standing, and so quickly I could barely follow with my eyes it had disappeared deeper into the woods.

I stood there in silent shock, unsure of what to do, unsure of what I could do.  I looked at the Slender Man, a being of such power that it could create that out of what had once been human, and I did the only thing that occurred to me.  I knelt.

I think it's about time I made a decision.

See you around


  1. Raise your hand if you didn't see this coming.

    ... really? This comes as a surprise? Jeez, he's only been signing off as Caged for the last, what, half dozen posts or more?

  2. Ritter can be so beautiful like that

    Good luck with your chosen path Om

  3. Rebirth is such a grotesque thing. I'd put this as about as sicking as being hollowed.

    On a more uplifting note,
    Good luck with your decision. Chase you passion.

  4. This is not good. I think we need to talk again. Soon.

  5. The entire time I was reading that, my mind just kept going REVENANTSREVENANTSREVENANTS. Seriously getting some WYAitD vibes off of that, man. Gotta wonder if it might be all in your head.

    (Out-of-game, I was actually toying with the idea of actual revenants for if I ever actually get around to making a blog. This is a rather interesting coincidence.)