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April 24, 2012

i shoulfdn't have done that what awas i thinking He's comeing for me now i just know it let him  c om e you need to tell them it's to late toos otps now thouagh.     i should join  fight run. myheasd i cant thnik...

tell them

right, tongiht i took liz into the woods. i had my gun i knew what i was tgoing to do i knew what i  had to do i made my cohice...  anf He was there standing gloriously monstorously terrifingly tall as he help open his hands.    elizabeth turned and looked at me, the faer ing her eyes was beutiful unbearable wrong.   and than it he phillip came.  i dont eeve n know from where but in a split second i felt him leap from behind me and land less than a foot in tfront of my face. he stood bewteen me and elizabteh.  all you had to do was let it happen there was only ever one choice i knew what i had to do.  I put my gun so it was just an inch away from the back of its his phillips neck and prov ed m y superiority put him out of his misery shot him point blank.

he fell

b ut he didn t stop b reathin g

he just looke d at me with those yellow soiuless eyes.

four bullets left

a waste of am m un ition 

the master monster Slender Man was mad, i told elizabeth to run. i told her to keep runing and not look bakc. He ignored her as she listned, and tuned to me instead.  He threw me into a tree and then a tentalce snaked down to phillip somehow helaing him, as he started to move i turned and ran.

He is comeing i know it i dont have much time but i need to tell you all

He isn't completelyuntouchable. there is a way to

oh fuck

he's here

a t  l a s t


  1. You're fucked. I hope it was worth it.

  2. This Union proves more interesting every day...

  3. I was kinda hoping you'd last a bit longer than this. I take it we've finally reached the endgame?

  4. So tentacles aren't just for raping, they can now heal too! Yeah but no, you're fucked. ;P