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June 21, 2012

Ready to serve

This day has been a long time coming, I have waited years under the demons control, and months of being cleansed and prepared by Father and now I am ready.  I am about to begin fathers mission to go forth and spread word of his existence, to eliminate those who think they can stand in his way, and to prepare those who barely fear him to accept his righteous judgment.  I have been given a handler, to direct my movements, so that I may more effectively serve my Father.  In turn I have been given command over "Phillip" to help me with my assignments.  It can not speak or think for itself, but Father has bonded it's will to me, and now I can use it as one of his greatest weapons when the time comes.

Tonight is the beggining, I have my first assginment, an elimination of a runner who has lost Father's intrest, but has still insisted on making a nusince of himself.  I will enjoy making him suffer for his sins.

June 11, 2012

A lot to sort out

Oh so much to do and so much to say.  I don't really feel like explaining it all in detail, but if I'm to put on a proper show for Father than there are some things you really should know.  First off, I am not FreedomCaged, he is dead, stripped from this body slowly and methodically.  He used to be a part of me, a demon controlling my actions and desires, a monster keeping me from serving.  When he finally rebelled against Father openly the body that held us both was taken to be cleansed of his taint.  He died slowly and painfully, and in the same manner I was built up.  Where once I was barely able to think and reason beyond wanting to escape the demons oppression and restriction, Father crafted me into a powerful and effective tool in his service.  He showed me how to hone my strength, and how to focus my mind, and now I am ready to go forth and cleanse the world for him.

The demon called me "Caged" because that was how he kept me, like an animal, locked in his mind.  And now I take that name for my own purposes, as a final insult to the useless soul that once ruled this body.  Because now I am now longer the caged one, now I am free.  Free and ready to serve.