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April 19, 2012

It Actually Worked

Threatening someone through the blog actually got them to come forward and make things easier for everyone, about time.  Anyways, it turns out that I was being followed by this guy who seemed to think I was somehow responisble for the vanisihing act his "apprentice" pulled some time back.  I've been following his blog, but I had no idea who Joshua was and I told him as much.  Actually the entire conversation was quite cordial, I'm almost disapointed this worked out so well.  Shade said he was "going to keep an eye on me" but since he won't find anything I'm not really concerned about that right now, it seems I have bigger matters to attend to anyways.

See you around


  1. Well, I'm assuming it wasn't Phillip he was looking for then? That is odd though... why would he suspect You of knowing something?

  2. This is suspicious as all get out. -___-

  3. All evidence pointed towards him. I beleive he is downplaying the way the conversation ended. I simply need to check a few more things and make sure North is all right before I can proceed.