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November 21, 2011

Quick update

Hey everybody, I don't like going a full week without some kind of post (and lets face it: my last one wasn't all that groundbreaking) so lets get the first part of this out of the way quickly.  Self-deprecation, poor excuses, apologies for poor excuses, apologies for apologizing for poor excuses.  Good, I think that saved a full 90 seconds with that, on to business.

My plan (because that always works out) is to put out a post on binary codes this week.  Following that I should have the case study I have been tyring to work on for a little over a week now ready, it's just a little depressing writing about people who are already dead, but I will try to put more work into it to get it finished.  Finally, my interview with Dia, I have everything ready, but I'm struggling to find the correct amount of balance in free time and privacy to do the Skye chat I wanted, but I do have your e-mail, Tide, and I'll let you know when I can make it work, if worst comes to worst we can just do it over a chat engine, it doesn't revel as much, but it gets the job done.

Next I want to mention that blogger seems to have reset my last poll, as I distinctly remember seeing more than 5 votes on it earlier in the week.  The confusing bit about this is that it didn't seem to erase all of the votes, just some of the later ones, not that it really matters, I obviously won't be recording the poll in this case.  So I'll probably try to think of a different question this time, as it seems that last time about a third of the votes went to "other" and I'd rather see more votes on the analyze I can answer concretely.  And not that I'm running out of ideas or anything, but if any of you have ideas or suggestions for polls feel free to let me know, they aren't just for me you know.

Now I want to address an anonymous comment left on Cage's blog (for those of you that don't know this is where my darker half, for lack of a better term, vents, it's mostly useless ramblings of emotion and violence, no real substance), normally things like this wouldn't get their own paragraph, but this made me laugh for a good five minutes so I feel its earned it.  I usually don't even check the comments for this blog (if you want to get a coherent answer about something that is said there ask me here), but because of the picture that was put up there I was actually checking the comments to see if anyone had decrypted it.  That's when I noticed this Anonymous (like I don't know who you are, who else talks like that) comment there apparently challenging me.  First off, if you want to play a game of wit, I'm over here, don't pester the part of my personality that deals with immediate problems and brute force solutions; it's like telling someone you can beat them up when they stopped listening, it doesn't matter weather you can or not, it just looks stupid.  And attacking through an anonymous account when it's pretty clear who you are is just even more stupid, in fact just for that you lose 5 points (it would be more, but it made me laugh so hard I actually decided to take off fewer).  You do know "handling you" only requires the deletion of that post and disabling anon comments, right, I really hope that wasn't your best taunt.  In fact I like all of your insults and taunts, they're good for a laugh, and as such I welcome your little feud, or vendetta, or trolling campaign, or whatever it is you want, so bring it over here, if you can make an insult that actually causes me any mental distress at all I'll give back all of the useless points that don't mean anything you lost from the anonymous comment.

O.k., last thing, and far more important than the prior paragraph, I notice that several those whom I frequently associate with are going through... "things" right now (you know who you are), and if you need to talk about it or anything my E-mail is available through my profile.  If not I get that too, and I'll just continue seeing you around the blogs, but know I am thinking about your various situations.

I'd like to close by introducing you to a band I discovered while searching for some more easy studying music. I'm of the opinion that good music should always be shared, and maybe it's just the romantic in me, but I love this song, and it feels appropriate for the coming winter months, so enjoy.

See you around


  1. That's some nice music... not my usual genre of choice, but still nice

    I'm glad to see you've been busy here, love. I look forward tohearinghow that interview with Brightsky goes when it happens

    You asked for ideas or suggestions on the polls... How about asking whether or not people thinkRitterisevil? Or whether or not the people of this little online community consider themselves to be "good" or "evil" overall?

    Sorry if that was incoherent, too black and white or already addressed elsewhere... I'm stillhavingtroublefocusing

  2. ah, the mumsy boys. lovely.

    one question. im a little stumped here. where would i got to look for info on how to "decrypt" pictures???? i did a google search but it wasnt to helpful.

  3. Freedomcaged has a blog? Freedomcaged has a blog!

    The Mad Ventriloquist feels very out of date. But a lot of things have been happening. So he can't really blame himself.

  4. That's actually not a bad idea, StoryWeaver, espically considering I have a larger variety of people following me now, thanks.

    The picture Cage put up was curropted before it was altered, and then it was altered by a specific program. Honestly, you might need to learn some basic coding to make it even slightly readable.

    I also want to welcome The Mad Ventriloquist to my blog. He need not worry about not having found it sooner, as he said a lot has been going on with him, besides, I'm hardly the most important person to follow anyways.

    See you around

  5. I await the interview eagerly Free. It is also interesting to see your own thoughts and information.

    Be Wise. Be Safe. Be Aware.

  6. Free, you have officially learned my respect, along with my friendship.

    Don't forget my offer, yea?

    Thank you.

  7. To Overseer: Glad you're back.

    To Tide: Likewise.

    To everyone else: I'll have the interview up as soon as I have the chance to sit down and fix the obscene number of typos and otherwise make it look better.

    Sorry for responding this way, I usually try to be a bit more personal, but I'm in a bit of a hurry right now.

    See you around