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October 28, 2011

A note to future readers

Hello all, most of you by now have hopefully learned enough about me to know that I am a creature of knowledge, I love discovering new facts. One of my favorite ways isn't through reading some long generally purposed book or website or even a blog post that is aimed at a large group of readers, rather, I prefer personal interactions, I like meeting and interacting with people who have their own ideas or personal experience.  Therefore I am putting this post up as an open invitation to all future readers, if you have anything relevant to add to a post, or need any questions answered that relate to it please feel free to comment on that post, no matter how old it is.  I have set up my system specifically to notify me of any comments on my old blog posts so I will be able to respond to them without having the check through all of my postings regularly.  I realize that right now, while I can simply scroll down the page to see if the number of comments is the same as it was yesterday, this seems a bit like a pointless post, however I want it early enough that anyone trying to catch up on my blog is able to react to all of it as a current reader would.

I also want to make sure that this isn't just a useless post, for now, so I'm letting all of you current readers know that I am currently working on a post about communities, how they develop, the psychology of their members, and the different types.  After that I'll probably move on to hive minds, mostly in animals, so don't get your hopes up too very much, I am also welcoming any suggestions of places to research for these topics if you have ideas.  And finally, I am opening the comments for you to ask questions about me, this isn't going to be a highly personal blog, at least not in the posts, but I think that it is important we all get to know each other a little better.  Be aware of Rule #1 as The Gargoyle so aptly called it, I may not be able or willing to answer all of your questions honestly, but I will try to give you a good idea of who I am.

See you around


  1. Ah, that's like the topic in our anthropology class at the moment! Good luck with that and please do share your research.


  2. Since you said you were hoping for questions to use as procrastination fodder, I figured I'd come back here and ask this... How do you feel about my friend and yours? Do you like him? Hate him? It may seem like a silly question, but keep in mind that there are some proxies out there who hate Ritter and I'm fairly sure that there exists a few runners who have more of a quarrel with proxies rather than him.

  3. It's not a silly question, but it isn't an easy question, either. He intriuges me, certianly, but our relationship makes it nearly impossible to call him either a freind or an enemy. I do enjoy seeing his rare failures,and I'm quite fond of all of the paradoies featureing him, but I still quite admire some of his capabilities, and our conversations are always so intresting. Honestly, while I'm not joining him anytime soon, I don't know for sure that I would fight him even if it didn't require a signifigiant risk to my own health. One day I'll choose, or he'll choose for me, but until then I'm not entirely sure what my exact feelings towards him are.

    See you around