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October 19, 2011

A breif introduction into Freudian physcologly

Here is the last post I have planned designed explicitly to explain and introduce myself before I move on to matters that I'm sure you will all find immensely more helpful or interesting, or completely irrelevant depending on my mood.  In this post I would like to address something you've surely noticed by now (especially if you've read my comments) and that is my seemingly dual personality.  I admit that I refer to Free and Cage as entities almost separate from myself, but this really isn't an accurate portrayal of our relationship, I am neither schizophrenic, nor do I have multiple personalities.

In fact the best way I can think to define our relationship is through Sigmund Freud's structural model of the psyche.  This identifies the three main aspects of the human psyche: The Id, The Ego, and The Superego.  I view my personality as an extreme manifestation of these aspects, most people are only ever aware of their Ego the middleman who decides weather the Superego or the Id takes precedence, I however am hyper aware of both my Id (Cage) and my Superego (Free).  While many only hear one part of themselves at a time, I am constantly listening to all three, and because I am so actively aware of each of my extremes I have a tendency to act on either edge of the spectrum.  This can explain how I am so ordered, sometimes even compulsively so in some of my interactions, and how I snap so easily.  If you were to visit Cage's site you would notice quite clearly the differences in our styles and even take note of how he is substantially less coherent.  However, that is more than enough rambling on my part, lets take a look at how exactly Freud divides the psyche (I'd like to take this last chance to note that while this is not a perfect parallel, most of what I will be discussing in the next paragraph will line up with my own mentalities.)

Freud believed that within each of us remained an animal instinct, a part of our minds fueled only by the need to survive and our own concerns.  The Id is a chaotic faction of our minds, driving us to pursue pleasure, comfort, and safety if need be.  It is driven by impulses, easily distracted, but completely amoral (not immoral, there is a difference), if allowed to have complete control the Id would have no objection to taking any path that brought it greater joy, regardless of the expense to others, or even the long term safety of itself (although, once again, its own immediate safety takes precedence over all else.)

However Freud also believed that mankind (and mankind alone) had developed a higher level of reasoning and altruism.  The Superego, he theorized, was responsible for all of our moral guidance, a facet of our mind that protected our long term interests by making itself conform to society's roles and expectations.  Of course, the Superego will always pursue perfection and self actualization, it is responsible for our conscience and a desire to sacrifice for the greater good.

The final aspect of the human psyche as seen by Freud was the Ego, which acted as a middleman between the often contradictory natures of the Id and Superego.  It was the Ego's job, Freud rationalized, to find ways to please the Id without endangering the Superego's moral compass or goals for long term growth.  Of the three, the Ego is believed to exert the most cconsciousness and is the part of the mind where our actual thoughts take place.

Now that we've covered this I'd like to throw up a little fun fact about Freud: despite being a very significant and influential physiologist, Freud was also well known for being a sexist pervert, and quite egotistical as well.

See you around

Side note: Another blogger, Robin, actually noticed how I presented myself this way before I made this post, and while I would like to point out that I had actually been thinking about myself this way since I took psychology in High School, I am quite impressed that he caught on so quickly.  Therefore three bonus points are awarded to Robin, congratulations on this quite useless reward.


  1. hmm, interesting. that an almost perfect description of my mind.
    accepts for the names. names are powerful. i wouldnt want to give EITHER side of my head any more power then they already have.

    but i digress. this has been quite an eye opener my friend. i will be watching and studying with more detail now.

    wishing you luck in all endeavors,

  2. Heh... It's been a long time since I've read any of Freud's work

    Hmm... In light of this and your poll, I just want to throw out some hypothetical scenarios here...

    Person A commits acts of great heroics and kindness but they only do it because they know that they will be rewarded.

    Person B commits serial murder but other than that spends their days being kind to others, volunteering and otherwise being a model citizen

    Is it the Id or the superego that exerts more control over the ego of Person A? Of Person B?

  3. Wonderful, I love points. Where shall I keep them, do you think? On a shelf, or perhaps in a jar?


  4. Ah, thought provoking philosophical questions, just what I wanted, Storyweaver. I would say that A is probably more under the control of there Superego, mainly because the Id is (according to Freud) unable to plan far enough in advance to perform alturistic seeming actions purely for the rewards. I would imagain that the Superego presented the idea of helping others and being heroic, but the id has enough control that the ego needs to rationalize these potential rewardes to get the id to accecpt the superegos course of actions. Alternitively B is probably more in tune with his id, he does what feels the best to him at the time, and when the superego gains enough control to exert guilt the ego realizes that the best way to stop this (thus satisfing the ids desire to be without guilt) would be to commit various amounts of benificial actions. Of course, I'm not a psychologist, and even with full case studies it would be difficult to acceratly determine how much control one "mind" has, this is just how I see these situations.

    For most people these "conversations" would occur purely in the subconsinse until the ego plants the thought "I should perform heroic dees for fame and money," in their consiniceness, on the other hand, I can hear (and control if you could call it that) all three simontaneously, and usally at least two will be active. It gets very distracting when I must make a ... "controversial" decision, because I can hear all three arguing, usally at that point I'll just let either Free or Cage take over, and let them act without interferince from myself or the other. Whenever that happens I usuallly have a migrain the next day.

    By the way, I noticed something familiar while I was looking around Youtube: This wouldn't happen to be your handywork, would it?

    See you around

  5. Ooh very good answers Om and I'm glad you enjoyed the questions.

    As for the video, no that's not mine. My dolls tend to be more slender (haha) than that. Also, I don't know how to crochet. I knit all of my dolls.

    Good to know I'm the first person you think of when it comes to handcrafted versions of my friend and yours though hehehe

  6. I tend to lean towards Person B, to be honest.

    I'm not really sure as to what rules me.

    Interesting thought. Anyway, good post, love.