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June 21, 2012

Ready to serve

This day has been a long time coming, I have waited years under the demons control, and months of being cleansed and prepared by Father and now I am ready.  I am about to begin fathers mission to go forth and spread word of his existence, to eliminate those who think they can stand in his way, and to prepare those who barely fear him to accept his righteous judgment.  I have been given a handler, to direct my movements, so that I may more effectively serve my Father.  In turn I have been given command over "Phillip" to help me with my assignments.  It can not speak or think for itself, but Father has bonded it's will to me, and now I can use it as one of his greatest weapons when the time comes.

Tonight is the beggining, I have my first assginment, an elimination of a runner who has lost Father's intrest, but has still insisted on making a nusince of himself.  I will enjoy making him suffer for his sins.


  1. Have I lost his interest?
    Can that be a thing please?

    Op, no, better question. Define "sins"

  2. Aw your first assignment... heh they grow up so fast

    Never really had an official handler myself unless that time Saint slapped some sense into me counts... It's funny considering that I could probably be called something of a handler for Fell.

    In some ways I am envious, as human guidance can be beneficial at times... Overall though I'm happy that I was without it; that I was able to just get my orders directly from Ritter.

    Enough of my rambling- Good luck Scale

  3. Aww. You got a dog? This is bullshit. I was not allowed to keep a pet.

  4. Sins. I don't think I've ever heard that word so grievously injured before with such misuse.

  5. Turn (verb): 1. To change the direction or orientation of. 2. To change one's direction of travel. 3. To position (something) by folding it. 4. To become (begin to be). 5. To fundamentally change; to metamorphose. 6. To rebel; to go against something formerly tolerated.

    Which have you done? Do you think you can really turn things around? Do you?

  6. Those that serve him willingly are almost as foul to me as the thing itself. Go and have your thirty pieces of silver, proxy. Go and lose whatever soul you had.

  7. You need to update your post on blogger security codes... I think they stopped wanting humans posting again. -.-;

  8. Soooooo...are you ever going to tell us about the assignment? How'd it go? Bad, good?